Gypsy and Klezmer tunes
played with fire and passion!

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Jane Flood, Storyteller
Jane has performed in venues all over the world from big festivals to small firesides and just about everything in between.

Bharati, Dinesh
& Friends
Their music is a blend of Indian & Sikh bhajans and Buddhist mantras, some sung in English. They are inspired by the music of Amma, Snatam Kaur, Krishna Das, Goma and many others.

Catching The
Gypsy’s Tale
Catching The Gypsy’s Tale is a trio of storytellers and musicians - Michael Loader, Sarah Mooney and Martin Solomon. They use spellbinding storytelling, theatre and stirring live music to follow the migration of the Gypsy people from their home of Rajasthan, through Arabia, the Balkans, Central Europe and the British Isles.

Jonathan Penley
Jonathan has a unique voice which he complements using a variety of instruments: celtic harp, piano accordion, guitar, reed organ and penny whistle. His repertoire is drawn from celtic roots, and his interpretations have a depth of spirit which bring a powerful clarity to both traditional and contemporary songs alike.


  Pindrop Club
Ten-piece acoustic collective. Pindrop is what happens when you've had enough of smokey noisy pubs.

Gasworks Choir

Gasworks Choir is a community choir of over 150 people in Bristol, UK. We were 10 years old in September 2007!

Foot stomping, fun and addictive. Rattlers are a group of four people playing a range of instruments including guitars, banjo, fiddle and bass. The combination of Country, Bluegrass and traditional Irish music is conducive to good times.

Martin Solomon
Martin is a musician based in Bristol who plays Celtic harp, fiddle, double-bass, sitar, accordion, mandolin and Theremin.





Jonathan Penley - Piano Accordion

Martin Solomon - Violin

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